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Marian Van Court, Memphis, 1952




When I first got to the birthday party, I could see a pony pulling a wooden cart filled with children around in a circle. So, I climbed into the cart and rode around for a while, but soon I became restless and bored. Finally, I jumped out of the cart and went to search for the mother of the "birthday girl."

"This is not much fun," I explained to her, with only a tiny twinge of embarrassment. "I think you should put a saddle on the pony, and then we can take turns riding it."

"Why, that's a splendid idea!" the kind and gracious mother replied, and she dispatched someone to the barn to fetch a saddle.

It was my very first pony ride, and I was ecstatic! I was also quite proud of myself for turning a dull party into great fun for everyone. All in all, a triumphant day in my little four-year-old world.