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Future Generations is about humanitarian eugenics.
Humanitarian eugenics strives to leave a genuine legacy
of love to future generations: good health, high intelligence,
and noble character. We advocate measures to improve the innate
quality of humankind which are entirely voluntary. Please be forewarned
that most ideas expressed on this website are "politically incorrect." We aspire
to total honesty, believing that it is the only policy for people with integrity,
and furthermore, that in the long run, honesty is far-and-away the most compassionate
policy. If we ever hope to solve the problems which face our species, it's imperative
that we first look at them objectively, and assess the scientific evidence without
bias. If the truth about genetics and behavior, about eugenics, or about
race, is considered "taboo," and falsehoods are the only socially
acceptable opinions, then this is truly a sad state of affairs,
but we shouldn't let it deter us.


Future Generations Mission Statement, by Marian Van Court

1963 - An Interesting Exchange of Ideas

Raymond B. Cattell and The Fourth Inquisition, By Glayde Whitney

The Consequences of Variable Intellingence: a review by Tatu Vanhanen

IQ Will Put You In Your Place, by Charles Murray

Eugenics: Economics for the Long Run, by Edward M. Miller

The Mismeasures of Gould, by J. Philippe Rushton

The Concept of Heredity in the History of Western Culture, Part I, by Roger Pearson

Whatever Happened to Eugenics?, by Glayde Whitney

As the Bell Curves, by Charles Murray and Daniel Seligman

A Call to Action, by Marian Van Court

The New Enemies of Evolutionary Science, by J. Philippe Rushton

Evolution, Eugenics, and God's Will, by Marian Van Court

Richard Lynn's book: Dysgenics, Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations - A Review

Adam, Eve, and Evolution, by Marian Van Court


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